Yarns and fibre that tell a story...
Yarns and fibre that tell a story...
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The FibreWorks Podcast, Episode 3

This episode, I talk a lot about snow, because, well, there is a lot of it here on Vancouver Island! I also discuss projects, mantras for the new year, yarn and fibre in the works, and upcoming episodes that will answer listener questions!



Thanks so much for listening! Oh, and don't forget: I'm running a free shipping for Canadian customers/discounted shipping for US customers promo, along with a 50% off discount on my knitting patterns with the coupon code "JOLLY"!

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The Spoon Theory

Okanogan Trail Socks by Andrea Rangel
Ravelry link to the Stoneham Poncho by Diana Walla
Havu Pullover by Anna Johanna
Tatlayoko Fold on Instagram


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