Sustainably sourced yarns and fibre from Canada and beyond!
Sustainably sourced yarns and fibre from Canada and beyond!
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The Great Canadian Wool-A-Long!


Welcome to the 1st annual Great Canadian Wool-A-Long! This event will run from August 1 to October 31, 2022, and is designed to celebration Canadian wool in all of its forms. Crafters of all varieties are invited to participate, and the only requirement is that you use wool that has been grown by sheep that live in Canada.

Dyers, farmers, and vendors of Canadian-grown wool are invited to sign up as well, as we want to spread the good work that so many of you are doing! To add your name or business to a list of Canadian wool vendors, please fill out this form. And, if you'd like to offer a discount on your products for participants of the Wool-A-Long, there's a space to include that information at the bottom of the form (this isn't necessary, but it's a nice way to attract new customers!). Brick-and-mortar yarn stores, you're more than welcome to add yourself to the list! And the same goes for Canadian alpaca/flax/qivuit/etc providers - if it's grown in Canada, you're welcome to join!

If you are a Canadian designer of craft patterns, you're welcome to join in the fun as well! Please sign up via the following link, and if you have designs that call for Canadian wool, please do mention them specifically.

Next, if you'd like to donate a prize that will be awarded to a participating crafter, please sign up here. Prizes can include such things as yarn, roving, fibre, handspun yarn, or patterns, and you don't have to be a business to supply a prize - if you're a handspinner, for example, you're welcome to donate a skein of handspun!

And, if you're a Canadian maker of wool-adjacent items, such as buttons, spindles, project bags, etc., there's a form for you, too! 

Finally, if you'd like to participate as a maker/crafter, and we hope you do, please sign up here! This will allow us to keep organized, and you're welcome to change your project at any time. All that's required is that you finish something that uses Canadian-grown wool - the rest is up to you!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Do let us know - this is the first time we've done this and odds are, we've missed something. Email: smallbirdworkshop AT gmail DOT com!

More details about chat threads and FO galleries are forthcoming. In the meantime, please feel free to spread the love of Canadian wool and the Great Canadian Wool-A-Long!

xx...Catherine, Mikel, and the Small Bird Workshop team!