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40 gram Colour Play Mini-Braids (Combed Top)

The Small Bird Workshop

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Sometimes, you just want to play with colour a bit, and these mini-braids are perfect for that! Each is 40 grams of combed top, and all of them are mill dyed and blended. Use them to add a pop of colour to a natural coloured fibre, make some thrums (for the Thrumby slippers, perhaps?), or keep reading for suggestions about ways to experiment with these mini-braids to take your colour spinning to a new level!

A few ways to play with these braids:

1. Spin each braid into a singles and then ply them together for a barber pole effect,

2. Pull each braid into staple-length chunks, toss them into a bag, and pull out a chunk at random for a combo spin! Chain ply the singles to preserve the colour or divide the singles into equal lengths and ply together for a more heathered look.

3. Strip the braids into lengths and hold strips from different colourways together. Use different thicknesses of strips to achieve different effects by spinning across the top or spinning from the fold.

Whatever you do, you'll learn more about colour theory in the process, and since some of these braids have some unusual fibres blended in, you can sample some interesting new fibres in the process! We've included photos of a few colour combos that we like, but really, the possibilities are endless!

Note: We don't often stock synthetic or extruded fibres, but Catherine accidentally ordered a blend with glitter gold stellina. Enjoy it while it lasts!

The merino in these blends was sourced from South Africa, and all of these blends were process and dyed in the UK.



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