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50% undyed grey Corriedale/50% undyed grey Wensleydale roving, Ontario sourced and processed, sold in 100 gram bumps

The Small Bird Workshop

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Whenever I blend wools, I try to think about bringing out the best of both. Wensleydale is a lustrous longwool with a beautiful silky feel, and Corriedale is bouncy and soft and lofty. The resulting combination is all of those things: silky, soft, and lustrous.

Wensleydale is a person favourite, not only because of the lustre (longwool breeds are also known as lustre wools) but because Wensleydales are a rare, heritage breed and on the watchlists for both the Livestock Conservancy and the Rare Breeds Heritage Trust. There aren't many of them, so supporting shephers who raise them is a particular interest of mine. This Wensleydale lives with the Crow Hill Corriedale flock - her name is Chelsea, and this is the third year I've purchased her lovely fleece. The Corriedale is also from Crow Hill Corriedales, and the roving was beautifull prepared by the good folks at Mariposa Woolen Mill.

There's a limited amount of this roving available, so please ensure you purchase enough to complete your project. 

Sold in 100 gram bumps, undyed natural grey

Sourced from Ontario, processed in Ontario.

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