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Binty's Farm "Fruit & Nut Family" light DK weight yarn, 305 yards per 105 grams, 3 ply

The Small Bird Workshop

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Once in a while, I get lucky enough to meet shepherds doing great work elsewhere in the world. I don't exactly remember how or when I met Binty's Farm, but my relationship with them began with ordering a couple of Ryeland fleeces, and then, a Bowmont merino fleece, and then, a few more, and then, I thought some other people would like some, so I've started offering Canadian-processed Binty's Farm fibre and yarn here in the shop!

This batch is a "family" batch - the sheep, Fruit & Nut, Beltane, and Houdini (who has earned his name!) are all related. They are all BFL x Ryeland crosses. We don't have Ryeland sheep in Canada, which is one of the reasons I started ordering fleeces from Binty's, and they're a lot like Southdown - small, adorable, and with super springy and elastic fibre. These BFL x Ryeland sheep maintained that elastic crimpiness in their wool, but also possess the softness and lustre from their BFL genetics. 

This yarn is just delightful - it has a nice loft, a hint of lustre, and is quite soft (perhaps not soft enough for those with sensitive skin, though). I'm offering it undyed - it's a natural warm brown-grey colour, and the good folks at Wellington Fibres have spun it into a 3 ply light DK (heavy sport) weight of 305 yards per 105 gram skein.

If you're interested in Binty's Farm, please do give them a follow on Instagram (you'll often see photos of Houdini getting up to mischief!). I also carry their 100% Bowmont Merino combed top in the shop.

There is a limited amount of this 2022 clip yarn available, so please ensure you purchase enough to complete your project. 


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