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"Magpie" - washed BC Gotland x (Gotland x BFL) fleece

The Small Bird Workshop

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From "Magpie" of the Barnston Island flock. Moira is a Gotland x (Gotland x BFL) ewe.

Magpie's fleece ranges from silver to dark grey.

Staple length: 4 inches/10 cm
VM level: none to very low 
Notes: slight yellowing at some tips due to sun exposure. This fleece has a fairly soft hand and is very lustrous.

Sold in 100 gram increments.  All orders will be vacuum sealed to reduce shipping costs. Please open the vacuum sealed packages as soon as possible to prevent compression or felting. If you'd prefer to have your order shipped non-vacuum sealed, please do get in touch for rates. 

All SBW washed fleece is washed three times (the first being a 24 hour cold soak) and rinsed twice. It's checked for soundness and heavily skirted. Some residual dirt may remain and will wash out after spinning. All fleeces have been ping- and tension-tested for soundness.


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