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"Mr. Brock" - dyed CVM x pindrafted roving, BC-sourced, price per 100 grams

The Small Bird Workshop

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When a wool judge tells you to purchase a fleece, you purchase the fleece, and that's just the case with this pindrafted roving from "Mr. Brock", a CVM x wether who lives in Delta, BC.

This fibre is soft, lofty, and very bouncy! With the right amount of twist, it'll make a lively sock yarn, but I'd suggest spinning it woollen and enjoying the loft that's so characteristic of CVMs. If you'd prefer to dye your own, you can find the undyed fibre from Mr. Brock here!

CVM stands for "California Variegated Mutant", a breed that was developed in the United States, and is the multi-coloured equivalent to the Romeldale breed.

Sold in 100 gram bumps. Processed by Wellington Fibres.

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