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Wool Tincture Dyes

The Small Bird Workshop

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Have you ever wanted to try your hand at a little dyeing but haven't wanted to invest in all the pots, dyes, and assorted equipment? Or, do you have a skein of yarn that's just not quite right, but would be perfect with a little dip in a dye pot?

Wool Tincture Dyes are here to help! These nifty little dye kits were developed by the good folks at Abundant Earth Fibres (Whidbey Island, Washington). Each package contains 2 wool tincture tea bags, 2 packages of citric acid, and will dye up to 100 grams of wool a deep shade. Use more wool for a lighter shade, or less wool for a really intense colour.

The only thing you need to provide with these kits are a non-reactive dye pot (pickle jars or lidded buckets are perfect for the job!), 10 cups of very hot water, a stir stick, a bowl large enough to pre-wet your fibre, and a cloth to catch drips. 

Full instructions can be found at Abundant Earth Fibre.

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