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The FibreWorks Podcast, Episode 1

The FibreWorks Podcast, Episode 1

Love fibre? Love podcasts? Then, the Fibre Works podcast might be the ticket! Join Catherine, the proprietress of the Small Bird Workshop, on her fibre adventures. She'll share what's going on with her fibre practice, works in progress, designs in progress, shop talk, and interviews with fibre friends. 

Episodes are published every second Sunday (subject to some variation, especially during fibre festival season) and can be found on most podcast listening platforms!

Episode 1: The Very Beginning


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  • Lovely podcast. I enjoyed every second of it!! Canadian wool is my fibre love. I am a hand spinner and I am a crazy woman posting on the local buy and sells trying to find fleeces within driving distance which I process myself by hand. I have had success finding Jacob and Tunis within a 4 km radius from where I live. I applaud your commitment and dedication. If I could I’d buy a mini mill and support your endeavour. Best of luck and I will shop from you.


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