Yarns and fibre that tell a story...
Yarns and fibre that tell a story...
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The FibreWorks Podcast, Episode 2

Lots of things are happening at the Small Bird Workshop, so this episode includes updates on a variety of projects, including the erstwhile Polypay, along with upcoming tests, 2022 plans, and a chat about what happens when a fleece is very, very dirty.

Show notes!
For this episode, show notes will just contain links to the things I've mentioned. Ravelry links are noted when I've used them.

Email: smallbirdworkshop AT gmail DOT com
The Small Bird Workshop on Instagram
The Small Bird Workshop on Facebook
The Small Bird Workshop group on Ravelry

Wellington Fibres
Custom Woolen Mills

Longway Homestead website
Longway Homestead on Instagram


Plucky Pigeon Knits on Instagram
Plucky Pigeon Knits on Ravelry
The Fancy Fencework Sweater on Ravelry
Side Eye Sweater on Ravelry


Twin Oaks Fibre Farm website
Twin Oaks Fibre Farm on Instagram

Small Bird Workshop Ko-Fi

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