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The Small Bird Workshop is the brain-child of Catherine Knutsson, proprietress and purveyor of wool. Catherine is an experienced knitter, spinner, hand dyer, and a very new weaver. She loves sharing her love of fibre and wool with others, and is passionate about ethically sourced fibre and wool. 

Catherine is a third-generation Vancouver Islander, and a member of both the Bradley Thursday Spinners and the Tzouhalem Spinners and Weavers Guild. In the past, she has worked as both a classical singer and pianist and taught both singing and piano for many years. When she isn't working with wool and fibre, Catherine spends as much time as she can with her husband (frequently referred to as "The Mikel" or "The Kilted Wonder"), her three cats, and is often found hiking, training for half-marathons, or digging in the garden.

Catherine is a registered member of the Métis Nation British Columbia and the Mid-Island Métis Nation.

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