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Washed Fleeces

Washed Fleeces

These fleeces have been washed and rinsed, so you can start working with them right away!

All SBW washed fleeces have been washed three times(the first being a 24 hour cold soak)in Unicorn Beyond Clean (the unscented version of Power Scour) and rinsed twice. They've all been checked for soundness and are heavily skirted. Notes about staple length, VM level, and other pertinent details are included in each listing.

Please note that washing fleece is a very labour (and water) intensive process, so it's not something we'll be offering all the time - just when time allows.

Available in 100 gram increments. All orders will be vacuum sealed to reduce shipping costs. Please open the vacuum sealed packages as soon as possible to prevent compression or felting. If you'd prefer to have your order shipped non-vacuum sealed, please do get in touch for rates. 

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