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The FibreWorks Podcast, Episode 5: All Things Sock Yarn!

The FibreWorks Podcast, Episode 5: All Things Sock Yarn!

In this episode, host Catherine Knutsson bring you:
The Bird Report
Shop Talk
And, a deep dive into all things sock yarn!

Feel free to email Catherine at smallbirdworkshop AT gmail DOT com or follow her on Instagram at smallbirdworkshop!

Also, you can find The Small Bird Workshop on Facebook and Ravelry!



Links to things mentioned in this episode:

Project Feederwatch

Ladderback Jacquard tutorial on

Link to Facebook Live with Deb Robson and the Livestock Conservancy about sock-yarn suitable breeds

Knit City Virtual

School of Sweet Georgia Twist Gauge guide

Resources Mentioned:

Ply magazine, Winter 2018 (The Sock Issue) and Winter 2014 (The Worsted Issue)

The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs by Sarah Anderson

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  • Thanks for another great episode, Catherine. I could geek out on sock yarn all day, and you brought up so many important points, including some things I hadn’t though of before.

    Thank you especially for discussing the difference between tensile strength and strength against abrasion with regards to silk. It’s not often discussed, and seeing silk listed as adding strength to sock yarn makes my eye twitch.

    I spin woollen, even for sock yarns, just because I don’t enjoy worsted spinning at. all. It makes for a nicely cushy, springy yarn, but as you say, you can’t have it all, and the trade-off here is a less hard-wearing fabric. I’m always looking for ways to compensate for the weaker structure—tighter plying twist, tighter gauge, different blends, different breeds of wool—and while I haven’t perfected my sock spinning yet, the best yarn I’ve made so far was a 2×2 cable, roughly sport-dk weight, from hand-carded rolags of Romney lamb fleece. Those socks lasted for years, and were so warm and comfy. You’ve given me some more ideas for future experiments.

  • Such a fantastic episode again. So much helpful information. And yes you have a lovely voice. Have you considered a kofi account?

  • Hi,
    Best sock yarn I know is Barn Swallow for sure. I love them best for durability, comfort and strength. The colours are amazing and I’m starting to mix and match them with my leftovers. And yes, it is true that your voice is sounding very professional! Thank you for your very informative podcasts. You certainly do your research! Looking forward to next time.

    Mati Messager

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