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The FibreWorks podcast, Episode 7: Mental Health, a Secret Project Reveal, and Let's Talk about Moths

The FibreWorks podcast, Episode 7: Mental Health, a Secret Project Reveal, and Let's Talk about Moths

In this episode, Catherine talks a little about her mental health challenges and offers some resources for anyone who might be struggling, she reveals a secret project that is no longer secret, and talks about how to prevent moths and what to do when the little forkers set up home in your...home.



Things mentioned in this episode:

Crisis Services Canada
1-833-456-4566 or text 45645
For residents of Quebec: 1- 866-277-3553

Tara Brach's audio and videos
Sharon Salzberg & The Metta Hour podcast
Dr. Rick Hanson's website
Being Well podcast

Insight Timer

Thea Colman's website: Baby Cocktails
Ravelry link to September Morn pullover pattern (which is not on the Baby Cocktails website)


Ravelry link to the Ambershore shawl
Isangknits on Instagram
Everlea Yarn's version of the Ambershore shawl on Instagram

Crux Fibres
Crux Fibres Video Podcast

Beehive Wool Shop
Knotty by Nature

Moth Tips from the Northwest Centre for Pesticide Alternatives

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  • Amongst other things, thank you so much for sharing the link to Thea Colman’s website. Her patterns are spectacular. The level of quality of the details are outstanding !!!

  • Thank you so much for this episode and the links to health related issues !

  • thank you for this episode! i’m a weaver who uses cotton, linen, alpaca & wool for the most part. i work & demo part time in a shop located in a historic village. i’ve noticed that, YES, i do have a moth problem in my wool coasters & scarves. i handle them periodically, to check for the little cocoons. i’ve bagged up little pinecones in sachet bags & treated with a combo of lavender-frankincense-patchouli-cedarwood essential oils as well as making sachet bags of bay leaves (this was recommended to me by a friend who’s a wool grower). these last sachets were added to my shop inventory this winter after the shop closed for the season. we reopen the first of april, so i’ll be looking for more signs. have seen a few moths, little cocoons & yes, the moth poop (didn’t know what it was until you told me). our shop also has a large display of wool fabric for rug hookers, so i don’t know how we can handle the problem other than what i’m doing with my display. again, thank you & i’m glad i recently found your podcast. a weaver in Kewanee, IL U.S.

    Doris Strand

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